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Is it for me?

Reintegration therapy proposes moving your physical and mental patterns, to achieve more physical and psychological balance. ​ If you have body pain, emotional challenges and intense relationship issues, if it is clear to you that mental afflictions are reflected not only in your body, but in your relationships, interfering with your overall health, REINTEGRATE therapy can support you.



Everything is systemically related.

The body is a whole made up of parts that communicate to maintain functional synchrony and a general state of balance. 

Reintegration facilitates good relationships, inside and outside!


Ease emotional burdens manifested as physical and psychological pain, bring awareness to patterns that have been limiting your mental, physiological and biomechanical health.

Stimulate the body's ability to adapt, reducing the harmful effects of stress, rehabilitating gestural coordination, supporting the increase in the performance of all physiological capabilities and relationships with the world.

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