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Goals & Benefits

I usually say REINTEGRATE is a path,

and there are ways of entry.


I invite you here to get a little closer to my approaches, reflecting on your objectives and the benefits you want to achieve in your therapeutic process.

When everything seems a bit messy, the initial challenge is "where to start?", and I'm here to listen!


Listening, touching and moving, as a tripod in a systemic relationship, are principles present in all services that focus on awakening awareness.

Below a little more about each principle and

its benefits!

Massagem Pescoço
mulheres de alongamento


...systemically involves perceiving our relationships improving our internal and external communications, observing how patterns repeat themselves in nature, how behaviors are registered on the body and mind, one reflecting the other, generationally.

Systems theory point out that when one element of a system is affected by something or has a new perspective, the other elements are also affected.

Observing systemically brings awareness as well as possibilities of new actions and solutions within the contexts of which we are part.


● Awareness about previously unconscious patterns

● perceptions beyond the symptom

● improvement of physical and emotional pain

● release of emotional burdens and mental triggers

● mental clarity

● improves communication, synchrony and balance of the body-mind complex, supporting any poor health condition.


...involves manual therapy, with movements that bring muscle chains into agreement, associated with the sliding maneuvers of abhyanga massage, when necessary using essential oils according to individual physiological characteristics, gentle touches to stimulate acupuncture points when appropriate, and taking advantage of the potential for energetic harmonization that Reiki promotes.

● mechanical and energetic/vital unlocking

● the rebalancing of muscular and tissue tensions

●  release of mechanical obstacles.

● reduction of pain

● improved blood and lymphatic circulation

● relaxation and well-being

● improvements in respiratory flow

MOVE harmonize gesture and aiming on biomechanic restructuring through body awareness, actively through specific exercises, which In individual consultations, will be defined according to the client's specific needs. Supports injury rehabilitation and postural organization.

Not losing sight of the fact that the principle of exercise is always present, in the search for new habits and patterns. Becoming aware of them is a first step in the direction of daily gentil efforts.


● Self-knowledge
● Body awareness
● Muscle tone
● Flexibility
● Fascial mobility
● Motor coordination
● Rhythm
● Respiratory flow

● Use of routine self-care objects (brushes, towel...)
● Systemic experiences through sensory stimulation
● Psycho-body structuring,

integrating thought, emotion for  physical well being.

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