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I'm Natasha! Let me introduce myself.

The summary of my professional identity today is as follows:

Body-mind and systemic therapist for 23 years; professional dancer and researcher of movement for creation in dance and theater since 1994.

In short, I work in the field of somatic education and energy based medicine, through individual and collective care. I have been promoting studies and disseminating content about systemic therapy for the last 7 years.


With Advanced International Certification by IBA in the BodyTalk System (advCBP), also with advanced specializations in studies applied to the System in Microbiology and Epigenetics; specialized in biomechanics and treatment strategies for pathophysiology using the GDS Method of Studying Muscular and Joint Chains and its psycho-behavioral reflection, with GDS post-training in case studies at the Philippe Campignon Training Center (Fr); Movement Re-educator using the Bertazzo Method and Pilates (floor and equipment). Trained in the Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage. Graduated from the Koziner Institute, in Family Constellations and Systemic Solutions. Finishing Postgraduate in Chinese Medicine. Studying Myofascial Circuits and application approaches for manual therapy.

My main actions to disseminate knowledge and studies have been as follows:

Facilitator of study groups in the BodyTalk System since 2016, Contributor to the Magazine ESCUTA about BodyTalk, working on the editorial committee from 2020 to 2022. Facilitator of Collective Sessions through the BodyTalk System since 2020. Partner in the administration and support of the "Practice Project" - a continuous study group program for certification and improvement in the BodyTalk System - as a facilitator of the Fundamentals and Advanced study groups. And I am also enthusiastically part of the team of simultaneous translators for the international BodyTalk courses in Brazil.

The fact is that the experience of these therapeutic resources that I honor so much gives me strength beyond my qualifications.

The process itself, of life, the encounters, the disagreements, the personal challenges, my own therapeutic journey...

All of this encompasses the most precious value of what makes me human, capable of observing another human with compassion and humility, thus serving to assist their process of self-development.

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My story

I began my studies of movement at the age of 4 through classical ballet with Russian Master teacher Tatiana Leskova, without even imagining that studying movement, of the body, mind and spirit, would become my lifetime profession, to be developed through art and therapy! I became a professional contemporary dancer at 16 and over the 25 years I spent on this professional journey I realized how much dancing was for me an instinctive way of healing my most intense emotional and mental afflictions. I realized the power of the expressive movement of the body when released, and this really encouraged me in my pursuit of studies. I worked not only as a dancer but also as a movement researcher, body trainer, movement director and for 6 years I had my own dance company with very talented friends who inspired me so much.

My family challenges, my intense sensitivity, as well as my injuries and physical pain, led me to therapies. I've been in therapy since I was 18. Psychoanalysis, acupuncture, body therapy, systemic therapy... are all still part of my life routine!


It was at 20 that, while attending University of Industrial Design where I graduated as a visual programmer in order to work with artistic direction, I began to study movement therapies, intertwining the professions of artist and therapist since then.

First it was the Pilates Method and then I never stopped! Ivaldo Bertazzo Method, Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage, GDS Method, Reiki, The BodyTalk System, Family Constellation, Postgraduate studies in Chinese Medicine... to infinity and beyond in studies of human development! : )


It encourages me to think, feel, and experience in the office through my therapeutic approach that being based on diverse knowledge about human health and development, evokes enormous healing potential. Understanding healing as an essential movement of presence and consciousness, REINTEGRATE arises through the tripod of development: LISTEN, TOUCH and MOVE to RAISE AWARENESS!!

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