BodyTalk is an AWARENESS-based health care system! All BodyTalk techniques are supported by the idea that imbalances must have started at the level of consciousness *.

                                                                      * The concept of decent causation supports us here, based on knowledge of quantum physics that attest that an observer (consciousness) is necessary to collapse the waves of possibility into particles. The observer alters the behavior of the electrons, making it possible to manifest itself as a fact.

The system is structured based on knowledge of Chinese medicine, neuroscience, astrology, quantum physics, epigenetics, Vedanta Advaita philosophy ... that's why our training involves so many specializations and continued study.


BodyTalk is based on the dynamic systems model, understanding that each part contributes to the whole and everything works according to the interaction, with the rest of the system.


The INNATE WISDOM of the body is the self-regulating force (homeostatic ability) that maintains the synchrony between the parts. When this capacity is diminished, innumerable problems can arise, of all orders (psychic, emotional, physical, relational.).



So how does BodyTalk work?


Through STRUCTURED INTUITION and supported by the System's strategies and procedures, the therapist accesses INNATE WISDOM, which informs us what is in the body-mind that is unbalanced, causing a lack of synchrony between the systems that compose it.


When the priority to be observed is revealed, all the equilibrium power is restored. Communication between the parties takes place, facilitating synchronization.


So, in this "conversation with the body" that the system proposes, the BodyTalk therapist, as an observer of innate wisdom, is a facilitator of changes in the body-mind complex. We facilitate your innate potency of life.